■船体生地 強化ナイロン(000デニール、0.00mm厚)+TPUシングルコーティング
■船底生地 強化ナイロン(000デニール、0.00mm厚)+TPUダブルコーティング




it is not recommended for severe water sports such as drifting. Avoid damage or unnecessary trouble caused by drifting or using in white water.

The Minnow is an ultra-light, easy to fold packraft made from ultra-thin coated fabric, with a hull weight of 1.5kg and 1.85kg fully equipped with a fin. Although the Minnow is an ultra-light design, it additionally features front and rear centered seating, which helps to improve its ability to glide in water. The product has also been designed for durability, with the bottom material covering some of the vulnerable parts of shipboard. When folding the Minnow, the advantages of the ultra-thin fabric are a pleasure to use.

The white surface is a special solution. White absorbs less heat from strong sunlight and does not cause large air pressure fluctuations, which is especially convenient outdoors.

Olive is a very good hiding color, the coating is slightly thicker than white, the scratch resistance is improved, and it is still light and easy to fold.

Boat complete(white) : 1.9kg

Boat complete(olive) :2.15kg


  • As white fabric is a light color, it will become yellow easier than other colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Please pay attention to maintainess (long-term use and slight warming yellowing cannot be completely avoided, please consider it when choosing this color!)
  • Since the coating of the fabric is extremely thin, please consider carefully when planning to use it for rafting and other activities.
  • The floor is made of high-weave 210D material, which is completely considering the ultimate folding performance. After our test, it is completely can be used for general water sports.
  • (The weight may vary by ±1.5% in batches)
  • 5 Try to use the skeg to improve the tracking in paddling

White, extremely light, color may turn yellow.
Olive color is more invisible and the coating is thicker than white.



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